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Fair Usage Policy

What is shared hosting?

With the exception of virtual servers and dedicated servers, our hosting packages are “shared hosting”. Shared hosting is specially designed for the distribution of disk space, bandwidth and other resources of one large server between different sites, resulting in lower costs for the customer. Despite the fact that certain features of the hosting package are unlimited, the infrastructure remains subject to physical constraints, such as the amount of memory and processor capacity.

The overuse your site to certain resources may cause problems for other customers. In this case we reserve to temporarily block. Right for your site We will contact you and ask you to optimize, for example adjust your scripts or to offer, such as a virtual server. Another hosting solution your use of the resources

What does unlimited data and unlimited disk space?

Our infrastructure is dimensioned for offering unlimited data and unlimited disk space. This means that your data usage is not subject to a limit.

This absence of a limit does not mean that you can use for any illegal purpose or in a way that has negative consequences for the stability and performance of the infrastructure. Hosting your

Example, what is not allowed?

  • Using the hosting as a virtual disk or, in other words, if the space for storing backups or other materials which are not of your web site.
  • Hosting, storage, and / or offering of movies, TV series, music, applications or other material that is protected by copyright.
  • Using the hosting as a mirror for other websites, for example to serve as upload server for websites like Rapidshare.
  • Providing your login and password for the control panel, SSH or FTP to a third party – for example, in forums, discussion groups, chat rooms and other websites – with the purpose of sharing files.

As long as you limit the use of your hosting package to the appropriate targets, such as hosting your sites, processing of e-mail and e-commerce, you will have no restrictions encounter and will other websites hosted on the same server are functioning normally.

Hosting Machine guarantees the best environment to ensure that your website with original content, works without problems.

All provisions of our Terms of Service remain in full force and effect.